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The Friends Of St Peter's

St Peter's RC Primary School, Chapmans Lane, East Grinstead, RH19 1JB
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We all have busy lives. However the Friends cannot exist unless we get help.

Some people can give time regularly, others only occasionally, however there is always something that needs doing.

Serving Refreshments

Occasionally the school has functions and they require people to make teas and coffees, this could be in the daytime or in the evening. It is handy having a bank of people we can call upon to help.

We often cater at our events, it may be just running a bar, helping to cook or serve.  If you would like to be on our list of regular helpers please let us know. 

Technical Help

We often have equipment to set up for the school or for our events. Could you occasionally help with this? Training will be given.

Admin / Financial Skills

It is very time consuming updating websites, communicating with parents via Newsletter, email, as well as all the admin regarding events and much more - could you help with administrative tasks and making posters, tickets etc.

Jobs at home

Not the most social job we do but if you can't get out there are plenty of jobs that can be done in front of the TV (wrapping parcels, folding tickets, admin etc)

Coming to meetings.

Although it sounds scary, it really isn't. It is extremely sociable and a great way to really get involved in school life. It can take as much or as little time as you like. All our meetings are open to everyone and we value everybody's input. Certain people do have specific roles that are listed here.

Skills and Services

There are all sorts of jobs that can be done in and around school, maybe you can help. Also a couple of times a year we have an auction of promises...Maybe you could offer a prize doing what YOU love doing, ie gardening, babysitting, ironing, painting, services are always in great demand.

Talk to your company

There are MANY ways businesses can help. Contact us for details.

And if you THINK that you still have nothing to offer. Think again - we'll come up with something.

If you think you can help - even on an ad hoc basis either contact us via email or print off this form and send it to the school. YouCanHelp