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The Friends Of St Peter's

St Peter's RC Primary School, Chapmans Lane, East Grinstead, RH19 1JB
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What is the email news group?


Currently there are over 100 members of the news group. If you send an email to the group at then all 100 members will receive it. Likewise if you reply to an email then all 100 members will receive it, so please remember to maintain good etiquette and keep to school news or questions. No business advertising please unless by prior arrangement. If you want to contact us directly then please email us at admin @ (with no gaps).


What is it used for?


The news group is managed by the 'Friends' and its aim is to keep people informed about what is happening and what events are taking place. 


The amount of e-mail you get will vary considerably. Most emails are sent out from the 'Friends Committee' and if a response is needed, people usually choose to speak to their class rep or contact us directly rather than reply to the news group. Sometimes you will only get one email a week, however in the lead up to an event, there may be several emails a day when ideas are being exchanged.


To join the e-mail group just submit your name in the box below. You will then be sent a confirmation email. Please contact us if you are having difficulties or if you find that you are getting too much e-mail. You can opt to receive just one e-mail a day from the group with all the day's activity on it. You can also unsubscribe from the news group this way too.


Sign up today, we think that you will find it useful