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The Friends Of St Peter's

St Peter's RC Primary School, Chapmans Lane, East Grinstead, RH19 1JB
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We are looking for a new class reps for  CLASSES this year (2016-2017)

In addition to the committee every class has a class rep. to liaise between the committee and parents. 

Class reps maintain a class contact list to enable parents to keep in touch, and may offer to organise teacher and leaving gifts. They sometimes work alongside the committee to help with some events.  

They are not obliged to be part of the committee or attend meetings - it's really a communication role - nothing more. You do not need to be at school everyday - most of it can be done via email. It's as big a role as you wish to make it, but it is a shame to have no rep at all. 

Many thanks to the current reps for all their enthusiasm and hard work. 


Current Class Representatives until July 2017

 Year RTBC
 Year 1Claire Cook/Sarah Jones
 Year 2Sarah Kebbel
 Year 3Corrin Kosifou
 Year 4


 Year 5 

Begona Cela/Tracey Germain

 Year 6

Beth Collett